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joy & peter cole

november 5 2016

I didn’t realise Capability Brown came from Northumberland and can quite understand how he was inspired to become a landscape artist, having discovered his home of Kirkharle on a recent trip!
It’s a lovely place with a 12th Century church, lakeside walks and a lovely courtyard that’s been converted in to studios and shops. While the shops could be greatly improved some of the artist studios are well worth a visit.
Joy & Peter Cole- Joia glass – create really individual glass art, which is much prettier than it appears on their website, but that is one of the challenges of photographing glass. Inspired by their stunning Northumberland surroundings, Joy happily demonstrated the painstaking process of placing the many pieces of glass together- some barely visible to the naked eye- before the very precise fusion process which turns them in to a single piece.
Some of the winter scenes are captivating and if backlit by tea lights would make a very special heirloom Christmas decoration. They also take commissions, I was very tempted to ask them to add a polar bear, for now I’ve resisted!


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