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john speight

november 20 2016

John Speight’s studio is housed in the Kirkharle Courtyard home of Capability Brown in Northumberland. When I saw the sign for paper silhouettes it conjured up images of pushy salesmen in Place du Tertre Montmartre Paris which rather put me off. I was wrong.

Although John is a third generation papercut artist, he has developed his own unique contemporary style inspired by many things but especially tree silhouettes and animals. The delicate detail in his work is extraordinary, and the larger pieces take many hours to complete. The smaller pieces take less time and are eminently affordable and the larger pieces are understandably much more expensive but have a strangely calming quality that could save you a fortune in spa treatments and therapy!

John painstakingly hand cuts each of his silhouettes individually from black paper using a scalpel. The majority are cut in one piece and then mounted on to hand tinted watercolour paper. They are available for purchase with or without a frame.


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