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liz toole

november 5 2016

Liz Toole quite likes birds!

It was such a pleasure to meet Liz at Handmade in Kew Gardens, she has such warmth and passion for her subject- mainly birds! I asked her about her inspiration and she shared with me her trip of a lifetime to Africa where she was reintroduced to nature with “the most beautiful and extreme flora and fauna” and was also introduced for the first time to the crafts of Zimbabwe and Harare.
The influence is still very much there in her work, but so too is the influence of her current home in West Sussex and some of our less glamorous but much-loved birds. Liz explained to me the painstaking process of creating the silk prints and also showed me her lino prints that really showed the African influence as well as her paintings on wood. As ever I especially loved the robin which would make a great Christmas present.
Liz says that she uses “nature as a metaphor for human emotions”, her work is imbued with love, warmth and humour, just like Liz herself. Just a few weeks after meeting Liz I came across one of her prints at the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle, she clearly has a fan base far and wide, and deservedly so.


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